KUMS / International Patient Department

ipd department

Since the beginning of its informal establishments, International patients' unit has been officially providing services to international patient from1390.
Every year, dozens of patients come from neighboring countries especially Iraq, and from the Kurdish region to the center for treatment.
International patients are those who seek treatment outside their home country. These patients in our center have been supported completely by our treatment team.

Some services rendered to international patients in Imam Khomeyni hospital are as following:
- Answering to all questions before, during and after the reception
- Complete coordination of all visits, date of surgeries and receptions between physicians and international patients by center
- Presenting estimated prices and final invoice and answering to financial questions
- Presenting transportation services to international patients
- Providing documents and training translated into Kurdish-English and Arabic to patients based on the prevailing language of the patients
- Presenting complete hotel services in the area for your comfort: Furnished room equipped with telephone, internet and TV to patient and his or her companion
- Presenting a menu of choice food for the patients and his or her companion
- The existence of an effective system for surveying and handling complaints
- All physicians are fluent in English language and if you want, they will teach you in English language
- The existence of facilities to meet your worship needs