Our honor is to serve international patients with the highest standards and provide diagnostic services, treatment in the shortest possible time.

Imam Khomeini Hospital is responsible for all your medical needs, diagnosis from the time you submit your application to your country of return.

Imam Khomeini Hospital is pleased to take advantage of the presence of great medical professors to provide modern medical services internationally.

You can contact us through one of the following communication ways:

Website: www.imamkhomaini.kums.ac.ir
Direct telephone of international patients: (+98) 08337210066
email yasamanmoghofeh64@gmail.com
Address: : Kermanshah, Imam Khomeini Educational Center Postal code:6718743161
Hospital Number: (+98)8337285054
fax : (+98)8336718743161


ms.sharifi, kordish translator       mob:09186833120

mr.tahmasebi,arabian translator  mob:09354540164

Address : Kermanshah; Jomhouri Islami blvd; Imam Khomeini Hospital

Postal Code : 6718743161

Tel : (+98) 8337210066

kordish translator (ms.sharifi) : 09186833120

arabian translator (mr.tahmasebi) : 09354540164

Imam khomeini educational and medical center of Kermanshah is attempting to become a leading provider of specialist and supra specialist services to international patients in the fields of eye, skin, ear, nose, throat, general surgery, and internality among hospitals in the west of Iran by 1400Y.