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The Successful history of Imam khomeyni Hospital

The Successful history of Imam Khomeini Hospital


Imam Khomeini hospital of Kermanshah was established in 1350 and it started its activities in the field of providing health services in 1358.

:This center by providing

Ø Specialist and supra specialist sections (eye, ear and Nose and throat, internality, intensive care, emergency of poisoning and internality, infection, dialysis).

Ø Specialist and supra specialist clinics (eye, laser, surgery, internality, ear, nose and throat, anesthesiology, nephrology, cardiology, dermatology, general surgery).

Ø Paramedic units (physiotherapy, Audiology, optometry), performing paraclinical services (echocardiography and cardiac stress test, eye angiography, radiology, sonography, CT scan, laboratory.

Ø Three distinct operating theater (operating theater 1, operating theater 2).

Ø Education unit, library, audiovisual and amphitheater play important and vital role in providing, maintaining and enhancing health of dear and neighboring provinces and international patients.

This center currently is approved with220 beds, which are under using, providing medical and paramedical services in 24 hours a day, it's ready to provide services to patients and domestic and foreign clients.Specific place of Imam Khomeini hospital of Kermanshah located in the west of the country.

Imam Khomeini educational and medical hospital, as a centers of poisoning and the only supra specialist center for eye and phaco and laser in the west of the country in Kermanshah.

University of medical sciences has a special place and by providing valuable and diverse services paves the way for upgrading dear fellow-citizens and surrounding cities and in various specialties have been seen cooperation of the most experienced faculty member of the university.

The reasons for excellence of Imam Khomeini Hospital

Ø The supra specialist for eye and phaco in west of the country.

Ø The only center for excimer laser in the west of the country in Iran for laser, lasek and PRK.

Ø Having supra specialist and experienced team.

Ø Having the first place in reception of international patients in 1396.

Ø Having international patients reception certificate.

 Ø Having a first-class of accreditation certificate from the health ministry of Iran.

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