KUMS / Floors

Floor’s Guide

The area

Infectious ward, Laboratory, Training building, Library, The room of the dead- Insurance - Installations

Ground Floor

Dialysis ward- Emergency ward - pharmacy Physiotherapy – Sonography Endoscopy - Radiology - Nursing Management - The receptionBank - LASIK Nutrition &Diet therapy unit - Complaints Unit- Restaurant

First floor

Ophthalmology ward- Intensive care unit(ICU) - Operation room

Second floor

InternalWard - ENT WardHealth clinic - Call center- IPD Ward

Office building

First floor Revenue unit - Office of Medical EquipmentInfection Control Unit Office of Public Relations - Medical Archive- Property Support Office- Office of the crisis management- second floor Office of Presidency and Management - Office of security - Human Resources Office Office of Quality Improvement - Office of Procurement  Finance office Secretariat - Employee Selection


Training building

Teaching office - Amphitheater - Library - Educational classes Educational assistant -Audiovisual- Office of Information and Technology