The Imam Khomeini Educational Center of Kermanshah was established in 1350 as the center of cancerology and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, in 1358, based on the need of the province, beds were opened with 150 beds approved as Imam Khomeini Hospital.
The transfer of 150 people to the official Milk and Sun organization has begun.
The Imam Khomeini Medical Center currently has 220 beds and 200 active beds with a total area of 27,000 square meters and a 12,000 square meter subsurface poisoning center and the only center of the eye of the eye and phaco and Lazik in the western part of the country. Medical Sciences has a special place and offers a variety of services in order to promote the health of dear fellow citizens and surrounding cities. In various specializations of the eye, ear and nose, infectious, internal, surgical, surgical and jaw The facial also has the cooperation of the most experienced faculty members of the university faculty and in the specialty eye almost from God Your all areas of subspecialty eye (the cornea - the retina - strabismus, etc.) can be enjoyed.
The center has specialized departments (eye, ear and nose, internal medicine, Icu, emergency poisoning and internal, infectious, burn, dialysis) and specialized clinics (eye, laser and LASIK, Surgery, internal medicine, ENT, burn, anesthesia and hemophilia) and paramedical units (physiotherapy, audiometry, optometry) and paraclinical units (laboratory, ultrasound, CT scan, radiology, pharmacy) and surgery room, and CSR equipped, training unit, library, audiovisual, amphitheater and financial office have a significant role in providing, maintaining and improving the health of dear Provinces and Provinces The neighbor and also the international patient.